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Wildly capable off-road caravan


Designed for the most challenging New Zealand’s off-road adventures, all whilst providing the utmost luxury and comfort. The Urban Caravans Tungsten X-Treme is the most capable off-road caravan in our range. The X-Treme is engineered for the world's harshest environments. With more than five floor plans, the X-Treme can be customised to suit your specific needs.

Luxury off-road caravan


Proven construction, unmatched luxury and construction attributes are taken from our X-Treme. The amalgamation of the two comes together with a spacious and well-appointed interior, running gear with second-to-none capability and a suite of technology that's advanced and powerful. Adaptable and customisable, comfortable and connected. The X-Terrain is home on and off the road.

Adventure turned tough


Designed to be Tough. DuraGal steel chassis, Urbans’ signature TIG-welded aluminium frame, Cruisemaster CRS2 twin-shock Individual trailing arms and a tonne of luxuries to keep you comfortable and connected on your adventure. Suitable for all road conditions, the Tungsten Tuff is an incredibly capable semi-off-road explorer. Five floor plan layouts, Solar Panels, Lithium batteries and a class-leading Victron electrical system.

Perfect for lakesides adventures


See New Zealand's best campsites and free camp zones with our Tungsten Tourer, suited to life on the road. Thoughtful weight distribution and specifically engineered suspension make for extremely easy towing. Easy-to-access steps and a lower floor height make this caravan accessible to all. With cleverly developed construction methods taken from our range of off-road capable caravans, the Tourer is a sturdy and durable caravan for life on the road (yes it has Urbans’ TIG-welded aluminium frame)! Premium materials, a well-designed kitchen and a large bathroom keep you feeling at home while on the road.

Wildly capable off-road caravan


With a collapsible pop-top roof, the Armorlite is designed to go places that traditional or larger caravans can not - This includes the garage! Built to very similar spec as our Tungsten X-Terrain, the Armorlite is a smaller and lighter camper that allows you to really get adventurous. Off-road suspension with Individual trailing arms, solar panels, a powerful electrical system and of course our TIG-Welded aluminium frame. Beach or bush, lakeside or rivers edge, the Armorlie provides unrivalled outdoor entertaining with both indoor and outdoor refrigerators/cooking - Suited to real Kiwi adventures.

Semi-Off-Road Caravan


Supreme's Classic Tourer caravan is built for New Zealand's tough weather, boasting double-glazed windows, a robust Meranti frame, and a choice between aluminium cladding or composite panels, all wrapped in complete insulation. Inside, you'll find a fully equipped interior with all the comforts of home, including a full-size shower and toilet for your convenience. Premium features are standard, like 2 water tanks, 2 gas bottles, a triple lock main door, and roof-mounted solar panels for constant power. We take pride in using high-quality parts and accessories.

Lightweight Touring Caravan


The Eclipse Sunray series offers a super durable, but extremely lightweight caravan.
The one-piece roof technology ensures no more worries about leaks, enhancing structural strength. Sandwich panel walls provide exceptional insulation for year-round comfort. Inside, a spacious and thoughtful layout creates a comfortable atmosphere. Plus, hi-tech features, like a high-spec lithium battery and a tropical-rated double-door fridge/freezer, come standard for a premium experience from the start.

Semi-Offroad Caravan


The Spirit caravan boasts a robust Meranti timber frame, securely bolted for durability, and 100 times stronger than traditional riveting. It ensures structural integrity, offering peace of mind for your adventures. Luxury reigns with a full ensuite, featuring premium amenities like a porcelain toilet, mould-resistant shower, and sleek basin, ensuring home-like comfort no matter where you roam. High-quality, full-sized appliances, including a reverse cycle air conditioner, versatile oven, microwave, double-door fridge, sound system, and even a washing machine, make your journey comfortable and enjoyable, mirroring the comforts of home.

Semi-Offroad Caravan


Introducing the Executive. This caravan is the culmination of three decades of excellence in the industry, a testament to our commitment to delivering quality and innovation. With standout features that include elite aluminium composite cladding, downlit LED lighting, and a robust 6-inch Australian steel chassis, the Executive caravan sets a new standard of luxury and durability. We've incorporated features like double-glazed windows, a securely screwed and glued Meranti frame, stunning composite aluminium cladding, and comprehensive insulation. Expect to find a host of premium features and amenities that elevate your caravanning experience to a whole new level.

Semi-Off-Road Toy Hauler


base camp toy hauler caravan

If you're an adventure enthusiast seeking action-packed experiences, look no further than the Supreme Base Camp. It's not just a touring caravan; it's a recreational toy hauler rolled into one package. From the expansive L-shaped dinette to the fully equipped kitchen complete with an oven and microwave, every detail has been considered. You'll also find essential bathroom facilities and a comfortable queen-sized bed, ensuring that all your needs are met. What sets the Base Camp caravan apart is the unique rear garage/storage space, a distinctive feature of this model. While it's typically used to transport bicycles, fishing gear, tools, or even motorbikes, its versatility allows for complete customization to suit your specific requirements.

base camp toy hauler caravan
Off-road Capable Caravan


Supreme's Territory caravan, has been engineered to grant you access to unsealed nature. With this caravan, you'll be able to explore some of the most remote and scenic locations across our vast country, elevating your caravanning experience to new heights. What sets this model apart is the inclusion of various creature comforts, all bundled in without any additional cost. With the Territory, you can embark on off-road adventures with confidence, knowing that it's equipped to handle the challenges of rugged terrains while providing you with the comforts of home. Experience the freedom to explore the remote corners of our country like never before.

Designed for Off-Road Adventures


Are you someone who enjoys taking the path less travelled? The Supreme Territory X caravan is your perfect companion for those adventurous journeys! Crafted with precision for off-road exploration, this caravan opens up new horizons, allowing you to visit destinations that were once out of reach. Elevate your caravanning experience with a vehicle that boasts an array of features, ensuring you can comfortably venture off the beaten path and stay off the grid for extended periods.

Luxury Living on The Road


The Spirit Tiny Home caravan is brimming with features to make your journey comfortable and extraordinary, including a fully equipped kitchen and a spacious bathroom, ensuring you don't need shared amenities. It offers the convenience of home on the go. The Tiny Home, built with Supreme's craftsmanship, combines luxury and mobility. You can choose a layout that suits your needs, whether you want relaxation space, family bunk beds, or a home office on wheels. It's a spacious and flexible living canvas. Designed to immerse you in nature, the Tiny Home boasts large windows that fill the interior with natural light and provide breathtaking views of your surroundings. It's your ticket to a journey that connects you with the world's natural beauty.

Semi off-road family caravan


The Gold LE caravan features a durable exterior designed to withstand New Zealand's harsh elements, with insulation, double-glazed windows, and a secure Meranti timber frame. Inside, it offers a fully equipped interior with private bathroom facilities. Premium features like two gas bottles, two water tanks, a triple-locking van door, and high-quality furniture and appliances come standard.

Off-road family caravan


The Xpedition caravan boasts a heavy-duty chassis built in-house, enhancing its off-road capabilities with welded construction and an extended frame for improved maneuverability. Packed with off-road features, it includes tie-down points, a stone guard, checker plate protection, robust cladding, insulation, double-glazed windows, and advanced lithium-compatible batteries. Enjoy the comforts of home on your off-road journey with a well-equipped interior featuring an oven, toilet, fridge, microwave, mattress, air conditioner, and washing machine.

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You will arguably be towing one of the strongest and most resilient caravans in the world.

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We had amazing support from Fortis right throughout the whole process, It’s so easy to go on the website and design your own van, choosing the colours and whatever else you need.

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